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 What is considered as group booking?

When you and your friends or family members are travelling in a group for any reason via the mode of air transport, you have an option of booking tickets for all of them in one go other than everyone buying for themselves individually. This is called as group booking and is leveraged due to benefits offered with this scheme.

 What is the minimum count that qualifies a group for availing group booking offers?

It is required that you are at least 10 people including children, to make use of group booking offers.

 What are the benefits of group booking?

Group booking at its best offers to book tickets for all of the people in a group travelling together at once. No more issues of sitting far away from your best people or booking at different times and travelling separately. Apart from that, you avail discounts and enjoy privileges that are not offered on single bookings.

 Can the baggage in group bookings be pooled?

Since everyone has a defined baggage limit of their own they are advised to stick to the provided numbers by the travel airline as baggage pooling is not allowed in group bookings.

 Is it necessary to book a round trip when making a group booking?

The purpose of group booking is to provide with company of your preferred ones. You are free to choose when to make that happen as there is no compulsion of round trips.

 What all options are available to pay for group booking?

There are two options available to you at the time of making payment of group booking:

  1. You can transfer the complete amount to your account, linked with FareHawker and then the deductions are handled from this particular account. This mode is preferred in case, the total amount of the tickets for the group exceeds the per day transaction limit of your account.
  2. You always have the option of making payment by mode of Net Banking, Credit/Debit cards, NEFT, RTGS and even digital platforms of PayTm and Google Pay also.

 What if the number of people differs for booking tickets when moving from one place to another and then coming back?

If it happens that the number of people at the time of going from place A to B and then coming from B to A are different, then the prices for the bookings will be different. However, if the count of people is less than 10, then the group booking offers will not be applicable for the route as it fails to satisfy the conditions of group booking.

 What if I want to book a round trip but from two different airlines?

Well, now you can enjoy that feature exclusively with FareHawker. We provide you with the option to book from two different airlines in a round trip for a group booking as per the time of your convenience.

 Can changes be made to the existing/reserved group booking tickets?

In case you have made the full payment of the tickets and after that you require making changes then that option is available. However, cancellation or re-scheduling charges will be applicable as per the conditions of the airlines you’ve chosen to travel with at the time of booking.

 Is web check in an option for group bookings?

Yes, that option is available with group bookings. However, the allowed time frame for the same varies among the airlines.

 Is there any relaxation for the timings of check in with a group booking?

Standard check in timings is applicable to group bookings as well henceforth no relaxation with any timings.

 Do all the members of a group booking have the same boarding pass?

Every member involved at the time of group booking has their individual boarding pass.

 What are the prices for an infant in a group booking scheme?

For Domestic travel the approximate fare is INR 1300 for one way and for International travelling the approximate fare is INR 2500. However, it may vary depending upon the airline you are choosing at the time of booking.

 Will an infant be counted as an adult for a group booking scheme?

While making the group booking, only Adult and Child seats are reserved with offered group fare. An infant is not accounted for the fares of an adult.

 Can it be possible that group booking is made from two different airlines when travelling in one direction?

Yes, the option of choosing different airline flights for one group booking is available with FareHawker.

 What if the booking status says failed but payment has been deducted from my account?

In case of a payment failure, the deducted amount will be refunded to the same mode of payment chosen at the time of booking within 07 to 11 working days.

 Can a group booking avail discounts of lounge services at the airport as well?

The lounge services are not applicable for group booking. But still if needed, the lounge access can be arranged by making a separate booking through FareHawker with applicable charges.

 Can I add or remove people from the group bookings made so far with full payment done?

Yes that is possible with group bookings. However, cancellation of any group tickets will attract cancellation fee as per airlines cancellation policy. For more information, read all the terms and conditions before proceeding for group bookings.

 Is ticket transferable, or do we have an option to change the name in a group bookings?

Tickets booked under group booking with FareHawker are non-transferable. However, names changes are possible as per airlines policy with applicable fees.

 I want to make changes to my group booking. Shall I contact the airline helpdesk or FareHawker will address my problem?

For group bookings done through FareHawker, we are available round the clock for any query related to your booking.

 Is it required for all the members of the group to carry identity proofs or any one of them should carry and rest of them can relax on this criterion?

It is advised for all the members of the group to carry their individual id cards with them.

 5 reasons why Farehawker is the perfect solution to air travel bookings.

There are two options available to you at the time of making payment of group booking:

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  2. You don't have to go to every single airline provider, hit the search button just once to get all flights details in front of you.

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  4. With us you don't have to pay any fees for booking a flight ticket. The price you see on the first screen remains the same for you to pay.

  5. Weekend bookings no barrier
  6. Mant of us find weekend bookings expensive well that's because you haven't been checking the deals available to make the best of your get away.

  7. We'll get it done for you
  8. Once booked through us, all your requirements are dealt with us only. You don't have to reach out to any other service provider.

  9. Icing on the cake
  10. Now to save more on your savings always get a read of the latest offers available with us. You might save the entire base fare.

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