Group Booking Benefits

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Group Booking Benefits

Group booking in itself is an endeavor that aims at providing numerous benefits to the group seeking one booking for the entire lot.

The benefits of group booking are:

  • Savings for each member of the group
  • One single booking number for everyone
  • Everyone gets to be seated together
  • Flexibility to change names after booking
  • Collective check in options available
  • Enhanced attention for the group seeking bulk booking

All in all, group booking has benefits which are applicable at all air carriers of aviation. These advantages of group booking are more or less the same at any of your chosen airline.

Apart from the ones listed above there is another set of list benefits offered by Farehawker, the leading aviation portal of the country.

FareHawker is a well-established firm that aims at providing most cost effective rates for flight tickets.

Now that you’ve made up your mind for a group booking, here is another list why you should choose FareHawker for the same.

  • Ease of compensation from 7 payment methods
  • Book up to 12 weeks in advance
  • Change names of group members until 7 days before the date of travel
  • A dedicated manager for group booking and payment related queries
  • A team dedicated for group booking done
  • Assistance until your return journey is completed

Still not convinced that why Farehawker is the best group flight booking portal, then don’t hesitate for a second. Hit the numbers on your screen and connect with us. We deliver what we claim with 100% dedication.