Airline Group Booking

Payment Options

Credit Card

Payment for group bookings is now possible through credit cards which is indeed secured. We embrace your trust in us and make sure all your group booking details stay safe.

Bank Transfer

The option which is commonly known but not so commonly spread is now available for group bookings payments. Now pay for your group flight bookings directly to a bank account.


No internet issues, no payment charges. Group booking payments can now be done through any ATM acroos nation and that too with instant confirmation.

Debit Card

Your debit card is now capable to clamp your group bookings and the group as well to travel to the chosen destination. Group flight bookings and payment have never been this easy any before.

Over the Counter

In case you are facing issues with online transactions even then your group flight bookings payments be made securely. You can pay a visit to the office in New Delhi and get instant confirmation of your booking.


As per government norms there are restrictions to per day transaction from a bank account but that doesn't mean your group booking has to wait. With us, your group booking payments can now be made through deposit also.