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Airline Group Booking

FareHawker Group Booking For Domestic And International Sectors

If you are planning to fly in group on upcoming trip with your extended family, friends, colleagues, college mates or whomsoever and you are wondering whom to contact, which airlines will you best group discounted fare, on which airlines you can rely for avoiding last moment cancellation or delay, in case of over ten passengers, then FareHawker can play major role to the take all your headache.

FareHawker.com (the Ultimate Travel Jockey) is just an email or call away where you can find answers to any queries regarding any airlines or helicopter or for charter plane. What acts as cherry on the cake is their Group Booking facility.

As you know that no airline or travel portal provides booking facility for more than nine passengers, group booking becomes problem when the number crosses 10+. Than FareHawker is here for providing this facility to book more than 10 passengers in one go. Once you have provided them with all the necessary details like number of passengers, destination, journey dates, additional tour or sight-seeing services and so on, they negotiate with all the airlines possible to provide you with the most economical rates. As the airlines also know them for their bulk booking it is easy to book through them. And what is interesting is that their services are free of cost and you just have to pay for your flight!

FareHawker is the best option for group booking because they have a dedicated group of professionals who specialise in handing group booking which saves your time and money. As all the hard work is done by them, they keep you stress free and are also open to last minute changes as their services a very flexible. You don’t have to deposit any security money and you can always stay in touch with them through email, quick reply is a guarantee. The next time you travel a group trip, FareHawker it is!

Financing & Payment Plans

Flexible Payment Terms Available

Collecting payments from all the people in your group is often likened to herding cats... its a thankless task. FareHawker Travel Jockeys know how hard it can be to get 20 people to pay on time. That’s why we have come up with payment options and strategies to assist group leaders collect payments.


Once our FareHawker GroupDesk has secured a group booking and fare you are happy with, a non-refundable deposit can be made to hold the reservation for an extended period of time. Depending on how much advance notice we have the terms of the deposit hold will vary. Obviously, if your group is departing in less than 4 weeks we won't have time to offer terms. Often groups need time to for fund raisers and other money collecting events to take place before they can pay their final balances. In most cases the deposit system satisfies this need.


If your group is really in a bind FareHawker GroupDesk team can work out on payment terms that allow your group to extend out payments into monthly or quarterly installments. Many Non-Profit groups and Schools take advantage of this for coordinating payments from their group members. Depending on the nature of your trip your FareHawker Ultimate Travel Jockey can create a program to fit your needs.


For an additional fee FareHawker can also take the burden from your shoulders to collect money from your group members. With online invoicing and payment notices, it’s possible for FareHawker to email your group members an online invoice detailing amounts due, dates due and ways to pay. Collecting money is often the hardest job for group leaders - we understand and can help.

Call or email at groupdesk@farehawker.com to discuss any of the payment options above.