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FareHawker - Group Booking Customer Service For Cathay Pacific Airlines

The difficulties and complexities of air travel can be a major challenge for group travelers, but our expert team members are always able to make way to a happier customer experience for you and also provide better group booking & travel experiences with Cathay Pacific airlines.

FareHawker - Airline Group Booking Customer Service is a team of dedicated people towards the customers at all times i.e. before, during and even after a flight.

We place our focus throughout the journey of the group. For you as a group it might begin from the day as per your itinerary but for us, your group travel actually begins from first call of your with FareHawker, which is way before you arrive at the airport, and continues till the flight has landed.

A group with FareHawker is a faction of 10 or more (excluding infants) traveling together in the same flights (going and return ways, both inclusive) and on the same dates.

Fare for Cathay Pacific Airlines Group Booking may differ for different airlines for individual booking when compared to group booking plans. Moreover, Cathay Pacific group booking has significant advantages of its own.

FareHawker Group Booking Services can offer you following benefits:

  • Book now and pay later option with partial payment facility.

  • Same price is offered to all members of the group.

  • An attractive payment procedure which allows you to pay in parts (based on deposits).

  • Reserve seats even if you don’t have names of all travelers at requesting time

  • A customized fare quoted to give you savings over all the available fares.

  • Enjoy the flexibility to change names free of charge after tickets are booked but prior to departure.

  • Flexibility to add names up to 07 days before the date of travel.

  • An account manager available round the clock for booked tickets of groups.

  • Simple steps to book then make payments and add names of travelers.

  • Pay using a host of convenient payment options and even enjoy the flexibility of paying partially for your group for 3 weeks before the date of departure.

Customer Service - The best for Group Booking

  • A dedicated group account manager is available to ensure the smooth running of the booking procedure from the start to end.

  • Option to pay a deposit of just 25% of the entire ticket value

  • We offer you a quote which is valid for 7 days for departures scheduled minimum 3 months from the date of booking.

  • We give immediate confirmation for group confirmation.

  • Option to pay the full/remaining amount either by card or bank transfer 21 days prior from departure date.

  • Option to choose seats subjected to availability from the chosen airline.

  • We offer you a quote which is valid for 7 days for departures scheduled minimum 3 months from the date of booking.

  • No need to confirm the names until 7 days before departure

We make your travel experience exceptional from the beginning with Cathay Pacific Airlines!

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